Counseling Questions & Answers

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How do I schedule an appointment?

You can send me an email with your phone number and the best time to reach you, or you can call. If I don't pick up, I'm probably in the middle of a session. Leave a message in my voicemail and I will return your call by the end of the day.

How long are appointments and how many will I need?

Appointments are approximately 50 minutes long. Some clients prefer weekly appointments in an effort to resolve problems more quickly. (Since the therapeutic relationship is an important aspect of therapy, it will develop more quickly if you can come weekly). Others prefer to schedule appointments every other week. I also meet with some clients once per month, if that works best for them.

Each client comes in with unique goals for his or her therapy. Some have a specific problem that can be addressed and resolved in just a few sessions. Others present multiple issues and require ongoing sessions over a longer period of time.

What can I expect during the first appointment?

I will ask you to fill out forms and sign consents. If you plan to use your insurance, I will make copies of your insurance card. This will take about 5 minutes. Afterwards, I will ask questions about your personal history, family history, and about the problems that led you to seek counseling. I prefer to gather this information directly from you, rather than to have you fill out more forms. It find it valuable to discuss your history in an informal manner.

Some people who have never attended therapy before may be a little nervous. They seem more comfortable when they realize that they will be asked specific questions during the first session. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable disclosing during our initial session.

What happens in future sessions?

Most clients feel more relaxed by the second session. They are ready to begin the process of examining the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are causing distress.

We will identify your goals for counseling and work together to accomplish them. The characteristics and methods of counseling will depend upon your stage of life and particular set of concerns. I employ a variety of counseling theories and techniques in my sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. I may give you exercises or worksheets to assist you in practicing techniques at home.

Counseling related activities will help you to stay focused on therapeutic goals between sessions. Over time, you will develop more control over your emotions and the circumstances that once seemed beyond your control.

As your goals are met and problems decrease, so does your need for therapy. At this point clients reduce their frequency of appointments or we decide to terminate

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