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It's true. Life is harder for you than it was for your parents. And sadly, many of them just don't get it!

You were raised to believe that if you did well in school and went to college, you would find a decent job. You expected to be independent, to live on your own, to support yourself, and to enjoy a comfortable standard of living. You never imagined that these goals could be so difficult to achieve.

Nobody prepared you for a society where good jobs, with benefits, are so scarce and the cost of basic necessities are so high. You never thought you would stress about obtaining your own health insurance. Your college gladly enrolled you in classes and majors that are not valued in today's job market. Did they warn you, or merely encourage you to pursue your interests regardless of job prospects?

Do you feel like a failure, despite doing everything you thought was right? Are you feeling hopeless and disillusioned? Are you surprised that you suffer from depression and anxiety? Does it make you furious when people say millennials are lazy and prefer to live with their parents! Millennial depression and anxiety are real. It is situational and it is the result of dramatic changes in our society.

Perhaps, together we can figure out a plan, take action, and make progress. Now is the time to start.

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