Couples Counseling

Denise Pollack, MEd, LPC, NCC
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I do not offer traditional marriage counseling for the purpose of rebuilding damaged relationships.

I do offer short term solution focused cojoint therapy for healthy couples dealing with specific issues that are best addressed as a unit.

Couples typically come to my practice to address problems external to their relationship.

For example, couples may wish to focus on parenting challenges, or concerns about caring for their elderly parents. Couples who were divorced and are considering a second marriage often benefit from examining and avoiding problematic patterns of behavior from their past.

Others may come in to discuss career change and how possible relocation may affect their relationship. Sometimes one member of a couple is contemplating pursuing additional education and would like to examine how that might affect their lifestyle and routine. Some focus on family planning and how to determine the best time to have or adopt a child. Individuals who have chosen to live together may seek counseling to help establish rules and guidelines for cohabitation. Couples engaging in alternative lifestyles may come in to discuss the unique challeges they face.

For such couples, therapy is brief and no longer necessary once a solution or direction has been established.

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