Counseling for Adults

Denise Pollack, MEd, LPC, NCC
Easton, PA (Lehigh Valley) | 610-392-3862

If you are a complicated person, it may be too much to expect family and friends to listen, understand and help you sort things out. Stress, anxiety and depression do not have to govern your life. As a highly trained counseling professional, my job is to be objective and guide you toward finding better ways to cope with difficulties.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, counseling can help you:
  • Are you starting over? Is the relationship that represented all of your hopes and dreams no longer an option? I can help you figure out what to do next.

  • Is a pattern of frustrating relationships or the lack of satisfying relationships a concern?

  • Are personal problems distracting you at work? Are workplace problems distracting you at home?

  • Perhaps you are thinking about starting a family, but feel anxious about how you will manage and how it may impact your career.

  • Are you a parent who has chosen to stay at home to raise your children? Do you feel that you've sacrificed your professional identity? Have you noticed a decline in your confidence and self-esteem? Do you miss the atmosphere of the workplace, where you felt valued? Is your schedule so hectic that you have little time to pursue your own interests? Do you feel burned out, resentful, and irritable?

  • Are you in the process of redefining your role when young children start school or when older ones leave for college? Perhaps you are thinking about resuming a past career or embarking on a new one.

  • Do you feel perplexed by changes in your child's behavior, as he or she enters different stages of development? Are you and your spouse struggling to figure out when to set limits and how much freedom and responsibility to give your child?

  • Are you concerned about caring for aging parents?

  • Are you struggling with grief and loss? Do you worry about your own physical changes, health, and limitations as you get older?

  • Do you turn to food, shopping, gambling, or video games to avoid dealing with major issues in your life?

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